Hello. I’m Noct.

I’m the persona who’s retiring (sort of).

The following are stories that were published under this name between 2019 and 2021.

  • Undoing Cycles
  • Moonlight Through the Manhole (맨홀 아래 달빛)
  • Laika’s Void
  • Skippable Kitties and Those That Aren’t
  • Final Fugue
  • To Me Who Is Useless (무용한 나에게)
  • Replaceables (대체가능자)
  • Silver Lining (실버 라이닝)
  • Because They Don’t Bleed Red (그들은 붉은 피를 흘리지 않기에)
  • Museum of Earth Art (지구 예술 박물관)
  • He Asked Me a Question, I Answered with Truth
  • Picture Perfect
  • Destination: Detour
  • Destination: Rebirth
  • Milk (우유)
  • Baby Blue (베이비 블루)
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Overtime, these stories will be incorporated into Agora Phantasmagoria, a new persona.

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Why Agora, and not Noct?

To end the past right where Noct ceased to exist–as much as the old world allows me to do so.

It’s August 2021 as I write this, and there are options that fit my preferences (and some readers’ preferences) way better than those that were available a few years ago. No publication method will be everyone’s favorite all the time, but I want to try these new things for three main reasons:

  1. more independence
  2. less admin work
  3. I think this direction will lead to more independence and less admin work, not only for me, but for other creators too.

Just to be clear, Noct Moll is Agora Phantasmagoria. They’re the same people, meatspace-wise. They inhabit the same physical body.

But online, practically speaking, most folks won’t care that they’re (we’re) the same people. I’m not that much of a celebrity. And for those who care and wondered what was going on, I’ve kept this page with this explanation.

Maybe we’ll see each other again, maybe not. And maybe I’ll hang around at Instagram, but maybe not.

[2021.9.20. update: I’m posting nostalgic pics on Instagram.]

Either way, let’s go prosper in the ways we want.