Reading Order

This is a full list of all available books.

In a series

Destination Trilogy (Novels)

  1. Destination: Detour (Details)
  2. Destination: Rebirth (Details)

Hotel Between Worlds (Novels)

  1. Undoing Cycles: The Case of Lisa (Details)
  2. Final Fugue: The Case of Zacharias (Details)
  3. Picture Perfect: The Case of Mina (Details)


(Newest to oldest for each length category)

Short Stories

  • Museum of Earth Art (short story) (Details)
  • Because They Don’t Bleed Red (short story) (Details)
  • Silver Lining (short story) (Details)
  • Replaceables (short story) (Details)
  • To Me Who Is Useless (short story) (Details)
  • Moonlight Through the Manhole (short story) (Details)

Long Short Stories

(coming soon)

Short Novels

  • Skippable Kitties and Those That Aren’t (short novel) (Details)
  • Laika’s Void (short novel) (Details)


  • He Asked Me a Question, I Answered with Truth (novel) (Details)
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